What’s So Important About Digital Marketing Anyway

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How could it possibly make you money?

You don’t get it… do you?

This “stuff” — The internet, how could you possibly make money from it?

See This? You are looking at thousands of pixels of light and you are taking in knowledge — Adam Sierminski

The thing that we call the internet is here to stay. Take a glance at what you are reading this on… Is it an electronic device? Yes it is, I don’t print anything that I write, because what’s the point? According to Business Insider, Two-Thirds of the world have a mobile device, and there is nothing stopping them from using it. So why would you not put your business on it?

Marketing on the internet has never been easier, get your company, or even yourself a quality website immediately, check out Profit Force One Web Design and SEO ( they truly have some of the best websites out there. Your website is the gateway into your company, it helps to show what a business stands for, and that it is legitimate.

One of the biggest things that a website does that nobody thinks about is it helps free employees up to get work done; websites are a database of knowledge for your company. Those calls asking about your products, your services, your hours, or even worse… calls about your address, can easily be negated with a website.

Websites aren’t all about convenience, though, they drive in more business, none more so than SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Go to Google (after reading this please) and type in your favorite large business’s name. Are they the first result? Of course they are! But you might ask yourself, is that just because they are popular? Well, the short answer is partially. The rating system that figures out what shows up first does take into account the website traffic, but it is not the main priority. The main focus is the Search Engine Optimization. This is keywords that are coded into the website, think of it as the DNA of the website, it contains all the information that is important about the site, and makes it easy for search engines to figure out what the site is about.

Getting first on Google for your search term is an important, but still, how does it get you more customers? Customers want the best, and the first result is always considered the best, so if you can get that spot, abracadabra, you get the customers.

What About Other Forms of Digital Marketing?

Ads on social media, your favorite websites, and emails, you might think that they are annoying, but you always find yourself clicking on a few of them… Right?

Social Media and Email Advertising are about as expected these days as the sun going up, you can’t hide from them. You want to not give into them, but they always tempt you into clicking them and spending money. These ads are profit making machines for example, Facebook Ads boast some of the highest ROI’s (return on investment) of any kind of advertisement!

Enough said, call SierMedia Digital, and sign up for Facebook Ads and their other services. Don’t forget to also get a website with Profit Force I’ll end this article so you can hop on it. Enjoy Making Money!