Will The Next Generation Know What Paper is?

By January 21, 2019 No Comments

Yes… the stuff made out of trees may be coming to an end, and here’s why,

When you look around you see people of all ages especially younger on their phones, tablets and computers; Schools no longer have textbooks instead being replaced with “E-Books”, notebooks are being consumed by OneNote and Evernote. So why on earth would paper need to be a thing much longer


Sure starting fires with paper can be easy but that’s about it…



As a founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency I believe in the next generation, and example of this would be Jeff Bezos’ start of Amazon — an in-line book store, then later on rolling out the Kindle — a machine to replace books entirely to save paper, and the trees, but also allowing the convenience of having virtually limitless books in your bag, or even pocket.

Why I Care, and You Should Too


In the digital age businesses still advertise using billboards, newspapers, magazines and even hot air balloons; why do people expect these to work, for one if you drive down the highway you see everyone looking down at their phone, and have to struggle to look up at the road, who really thinks that these motorists will look even further away from their mobile devices up to see a billboard or hot air balloon. When it comes to magazines and newspapers they make some of the best kindling out there. So what’s the point?

Why digital marketing is the next option


Marketing digitally such as email marketing, social media, Bluetooth proximity and the obvious website can be the most efficient use of your resources, providing a return on investment of up to $50 for every dollar spent. Unlike your conventional “previous” methods of spreading your message, you too are able to get reports, and statistics to see how your efforts are going. These statistics then can be evaluated to determine the best time to post, or send campaigns, maximize profit, and find the optimal call to action.

What you can do


Time for some self-promo, I am the president and CEO of SierMedia Digital Marketing and Web Design, (, As Well As The President And CEO of Profit Force One Web Design and SEO. feel free to contact me at or to sign up for any services I have mentioned in this article.